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Create Quality Social Video On Your Mobile Phone

Create quality social video on your mobile phone

Building onsite video doesn’t take fancy gear or state of the art video cameras. In fact it can be done using your mobile phone and decent movie editing software. Video is rapidly becoming more important in social advertising or Read more

What is SEO Marketing Is it Still Relevant in 2022

What is SEO marketing? Is it still relevant in 2022? 

SEO is a fancy and nerdy term digital marketers use. I am sure you must have heard it before; in today’s SEO blog, I want to break down what SEO Marketing means in the simplest form using a simple Read more

Nine Things Small Businesses Should Have On Their Website

9 things small businesses should have on their website in 2022

As you probably know, your business website is one of your most valuable resources for growing your business. The online hub represents your brand and your business’s mission and sends the customer to your phone, door, or email inbox. Read more

Five Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Marketing

5 Things your competitors can teach you about marketing

They sell a similar product or provide a comparable service, they try to connect with a similar target market, and they are probably using the marketing tools and media you’re considering. Yep, we’re talking about your competitors. Who better Read more

Toronto SEO Company

Why guest blogging should be included in your SEO strategy

Guest blogging has become a popular content marketing and SEO strategy in recent years, involving the creation of unique pieces of content for publication on other people’s websites.

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Toronto SEO Company

What to avoid when selecting an SEO company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for businesses of all types and sizes to grow and remain relevant. As a result, many companies hire a digital agency to market their brand via search engines effectively. Because this is a Read more

Using Hootsuite to cross post your content

Being able to post the same content on multiple social media platforms at the same time is something that a lot of businesses find very useful, since it helps them maintain a very active social media presence. Cross posting Read more

4 Tools Essential for Influence Marketing

7 Social media tools used by established brands

According to data from We Are Social, there are now over 2.3 billion social media users worldwide, with a growth of 10% from last year. This is a trend that many people will have noticed, but for online marketers, Read more

4 Tools Essential for Influence Marketing

4 Tools essential for influence marketing

Influence marketing has it’s time and place. It usually occurs when your brands social profiles are strong. It’s hard enough getting the word out all on your own. Sometimes it takes a little help from enthusiastic brand fans to Read more

Quickest way to build backlinks from the top 11 most popular websites

To get to the top of the Google Search Engine – or any other search engine – you need to develop the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your blog. You need to be an SEO expert – on-page, Read more

User Journeys & Storyboards in UX Design

User Journeys & Storyboards in UX Design

A user journey involves a series of steps that signify a simulation of how a user may interact with the UX design. They are usually used for two main things. Firstly for demonstrating how users currently interact with the Read more

How To Improve Website Ranking On Google In 2022

How to improve website ranking on Google in 2022 ? SEO Best Practices

As we approach the next decade, digital marketing continues to change. The businesses that will adopt the change, will thrive and the rest will only survive.

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Redesign Your Website

Redesign your Website

There are so many potential reasons why an organization may redesign your website. It may simply be because their website is not optimized for conversions, the design is outdated, or the website isn’t responsive for mobile. Since every organization Read more

Why your website should be mobile responsive

Why your website should be mobile responsive?

In a nutshell, having your website responsive for mobile is highly important for your business, and it is becoming increasingly vital day by day. In 2022, Mobile usage grew by 74%, according to Cisco, and the increased use of Read more

Search Engine Optimization - How to rank highly in Google

Search Engine Optimization – How to rank highly in Google

Several clients have asked how their website can rank highly in searches and search engine optimization (SEO). SEO, in a nutshell, is the method of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site Read more

Why choose a .ca Domain ahead of .com

Why choose a .ca Domain ahead of .com?

This is a question Xourx Web Design has been asked on many occasions, and we believe opting for a .ca domain ahead of a .com makes a lot of sense for many local Canadian businesses. 

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Benefits of SEO Web Design

Benefits of SEO Web Design

Professional SEO agencies are now readily providing SEO and web design services to help improve many business organizations’ search engine optimization. SEO services are reaching far beyond the standard keyword optimization services, and now website design in Auckland is Read more

What is Shopify

What is Shopify?

Shopify, in essence, is a combination of a website builder and an online store builder. In addition to displaying and selling products (digital or physical), you can use it to create regular web content, such as static pages, blog Read more

The Benefits of Web Design Search Engine Optimization

Investing time and money into an e-commerce website without considering SEO can be a very costly mistake. While web design that provides an attractive interface may be eye-catching and appealing to look at, without search engine optimization, potential customers Read more

Which payment platform PayPal or Stripe

Which payment platform: PayPal v Stripe?

For many small businesses looking to sell their products online, one of the questions they must ask before launching their online store is which online payment processors they should use? I will be comparing the two most popular payment Read more

Managing Your Online Reputation

Some clients have asked us about the unfortunate circumstance of what they should do if they receive a negative review, which can impact a business’s reputation online. I recommend setting yourself up on Google Alerts as this will send Read more

What are the benefits of SSL certificates

What are the benefits of SSL certificates?

It may not be in every business’s interest to hold an SSL certificate. Still, it can be important for your business to keep one if you collect sensitive customer information on your website.

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Looking for the right Agency

Looking for the right Agency

This blog post is related to our first blog post published in January, ‘How to choose the best Web Design Agency.’ In this article, I will talk you through three easy methods an any small business can use when searching for the ideal Web Design company to work with.

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Optimizing app

Optimizing your App

Having previously launched an app, ForFit, on the Appstore, we understand how difficult it can be to stand out from the crowd. There are over 4 million apps in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, so Read more

Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation

Professional SEO companies now readily provide SEO web design services to help improve many organizations’ search engine optimization. SEO services are reaching far beyond the standard keyword optimization services, and now website design in Toronto is a key component Read more

The Best WordPress Plugins to Get More Traffic to your Website

The Best WordPress Plugins to Get More Traffic to your Website

You might already know that WordPress is a very good platform when it comes to SEO. On the next lines, I’ll show you the right way to go one step further. Let me share with you the best plugins Read more

What is Graphic Design For Print

What is Graphic Design For Print?

Graphic design for print can teach a lot to new designers. You are likely to make so many mistakes that can seriously affect the final prints. Unlike in the web, print runs are expensive and permanent. Thus, any mistakes Read more

WordPress Security Tips to secure your WordPress website.

WordPress Security: Tips to secure your WordPress website.

In a previous article, we talked about how to make WordPress website to load faster.  If you missed it you can read it here: Tips You Should Use to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

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What is Graphic Design For Web

What is Graphic Design For Web?

Graphic designers for web work on projects ranging from standard HTML websites to banner ads to flash sites and newsletters. Not only are the projects different when working for print, the techniques are different too. Designing for the web Read more

Why Business Need Blog

Why All Businesses Should Have a Blog

The blog is getting popular nowadays. Most people enjoy reading different topics of articles, especially when they find them interesting. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to market your products, and if you don’t have one, it’s Read more

10 Point Website Checkup

10 Point Website Checkup

Why do you need a good website?

People are looking for you online. They may be searching for the products and services you offer. They may have heard about you from a friend, and they want to go to Read more

Business Website Toronto

Three best ways to get a Business Website in Toronto 2022

There are many ways to create a fantastic website for your business these days. In this article, you’ll discover the three website design in Toronto

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Wordpress Website Maintenance

Why Do You Need WordPress Website Maintenance?

Everything works when you initially build your website, and it’s all shiny and fresh. But as it gets older and less fascinating, you’ll probably cease giving it the attention it deserves.

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How to Make Your Ecommerce Store Attract Return Customers ?

How to Make Your E-commerce Store to Attract Return Customers?

Customer retention is critical, no matter what your line of business is.

Most of us know that acquiring a new customer might cost five times as much as retaining an existing one.

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Web design tips that you need to know

If уου want tο mаkе аn attractive website whісh іѕ appealing tο thе users аnd mаkеѕ thеm visit іt repeatedly thеn follow ѕοmе οf thе tips given below .

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Link Building vs. Content Marketing

Link Building vs. Content Marketing?

Link Building vs. Content Marketing? Choose the Right One for Your Business

When it comes to developing a strategy for your online business or website, sooner or later you will be facing these two ways.

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