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Social Media Mistakes

Targeting B2B Market? Avoid These Social Media Mistakes

Whether it’s a start-up business for your public relations company or something bigger like a fortune 500 company, you are using Social Media for your B2B strategy.

However, while many companies are embracing social media with open arms they’re Read more

ECommerce Customer Engagement

How to measure eCommerce customer engagement

We have heard of eCommerce customer engagement here and there, how important it is to eCommerce success and how to enhance it by various marketing campaigns. But what exactly is customer engagement, and how can eCommerce businesses measure it? Read more

Customer Retention rate 2022

This formula will calculate your customer retention rate

Customer retention rate, in brief, indicates how loyal your customers are. It is one of the critical metrics for analyzing your customers’ shopping behaviours. Unlike other eCommerce metrics like average order value (AOV) and conversion rate, there is no Read more

Web Design Company

Why Professional Website Design Services Are Important For Your Business

With the huge demand for developing new websites, website design services are becoming popular nowadays. More and more people are investing in online businesses nowadays. The question may arise why a person or businessman would like to develop a Read more

E Commerce Web Design Hamilton Ontario

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own eCommerce Business?

The e-commerce business has been growing for years, and its effects can be seen in retail sectors, technology, logistics and lifestyle as a whole. E-commerce is a great business to get into, considering that the tools you need are Read more

Joomla Web Design

What is Joomla?

For those of you who are not familiar with Joomla! please allow us to introduce you. Joomla! is an “open-source platform on which websites and applications can be created. It is a content management system (CMS) which connects your Read more

SEO VS PPC In Toronto

Why spend time and money on SEO versus PPC Marketing ?

Throughout the internet there rages a debate that has gone on for many years and will likely continue on as long as the internet exists: which is better, SEO or PPC? It is not a simple question to answer Read more

Wordpress Web Design Hamilton Ontario

What is WordPress?

It’s a Content Management System that will help you with your Website Design and  website maintenance and allow you to easily edit your articles and website pages. With WordPress you can keep your blog or website up to Read more

Web Design Tips

Web Design Tips for your business 2022

Your business is your unique brand and your brand will be defined by your website. There are countless websites that do not result in having more customers due to fragile website design. Therefore, in this article, we Read more

CMS Web Design Hamilton Ontario Canada

What is CMS?

CMS – Content Management System is a software that you can build your website on. There are many open-source ( free ) systems available for use. The main functions of cms are: maintaining security of your site, Read more

How Link Building Can Make or Break Your Website

The SEO Paradox: How Link Building Can Make or Break Your Website

Getting backlinks to your website is still one of the best ways to boost your ranking in the search engines, but what many webmasters fail to realize is that link building is a double-edged sword. If you know how Read more

How Should You Design Your Website's Home Page to Boost Conversions?

How Should You Design Your Website’s Home Page to Boost Conversions?

So, you’ve recently invested a significant amount of effort, perhaps months, in the design of your website. It isn’t very safe, and it provides an experience, unlike any other website you’ve ever seen. However, why aren’t your visitors returning Read more

SEO Tips That Will Help Your Business

SEO Tips That Will Help Your Business

The year 2022 brought up some more concerns about SEO ranking due to Google’s algorithms being updated. Big G updates its search algorithms up to 600 times annually, according to SEO consulting company, Moz. As you may already know, Read more

22 Must Have WordPress Plugins

22 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Have you ever wanted to know which are plugins used by WordPress experts? You’ve come to the right place! Our team of experts has painstakingly sorted out some of the best plugins for WordPress for 2022.

Having the best Read more

10 Myths about SEO that Marketers Need to Leave Behind

10 Myths about SEO that Marketers Need to Leave Behind

Constantly evolving but forever misunderstood by novice online marketers, there remain many myths about search engine optimisation. Many marketers continue to use spammy tactics in the hopes of artificially improving their standings in the search engine results, and while Read more

Dynamic Web Page

Dynamic Web Pages

The content and functionality of Web pages have evolved immensely since the first Web page became available on the Internet in November of 1990 (Connolly, 2000). The information that we browse and read has increased in volume, but more Read more

backlink benefit

Link Building

Backlink for SEO

As you probably know, search engines use a complex algorithm to determine your rank in the results.  Getting those high-ranking results will help you gain more traffic, and convert more leads into sales, and how you Read more