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Google Ads Management - PPC Management

We are certified Google Ads and help you achieve your goals with limited budget

Our specialists focus on helping you increase sales and not the clicks. In simple terms clicks generate cost while conversions generate revenue.


Google Ads That Works

Xourx Digital Marketing Agency offers PPC (Pay Per Click) management service for your AdWords campaign. Our specialists focus on helping you increase conversions (sales) and not the clicks. In simple terms, clicks generate cost while conversions generate revenue. We aim to turn your website visitors to actual customers that use your services or products.

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Google AdWords Management Benefits

  • Campaign monitored and managed by Google Ad Manager .
  • Before we start advertising your business, we will analyse your business structure and sales goals.
  • No long term contract – you can cancel at any time
  • We will identify keywords which are best aligned to your business
  • We will send you regular reports on the progress of your campaign
  • We will engage your potential customers with effective ad text
  • With Conversion Tracking we will be able to monitor performance and sales through each ad
  • We will use adjust bidding and on regular basis to get you the best return on investment
  • We will look at your website and Google AdWords feedback to help you improve your Ad Rank to increase your Return On Investment (ROI).
  • We also offer tailored strategies for Brand Awareness Campaigns, Product Launches and Display Network Campaigns.
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Why Choose Xourx For Your Google AdWords Management?


We have highly experienced digital marketing professionals that know what they are doing when it comes to providing a professional ad campaign.


We can deliver a highly targetted Google Ad campaign no matter the device or country, our ads are setup with pinpoint precision.


Anyone can set an ad up, but a quality ad is refined and refined multiple times to ensure that your ads are high quality and will actually work!


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