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Social Media Marketing

Efficient Social Media Marketing will boost your leads . Social Media is overwhelming but we know the tools and methods that make your audience convert to your business and website.  If you have read anything recent concerning social media, then you know that Facebook and Twitter have the ability to increase your traffic by 20 percent or more with proper social media marketing. There are millions of users on these and other social media websites, and there are many other hidden benefits to marketing yourself on a social network.


Facebook and Twitter have very different statistics, but you will find that both are very useful for attracting traffic. Twitter has over 465 million accounts, and a million new accounts are added every day. There are also 175 million tweets per day, and businesses that offer exclusive deals on Twitter notice a 10 to 30 percent increase in traffic on average.

Facebook has 845 million active users every month, and the average user stays on Facebook for 20 minutes per visit. The common CTR for links in posts is about two percent, and businesses that use Facebook get about 10 percent more qualified leads.

Users on Facebook and Twitter are also 60 to 70 percent likely to post about brands they like, and this means that happy customers become part of your marketing army.

Facebook Page Development

Facebook allows you to make a custom fan page that you can use as a landing page. Many businesses receive more traffic when they use a fan page, and this gives you a more professional appearance than using a common page meant for consumers and other non-business owners.

While the default design isn’t bad, it isn’t quite as effective as a custom fan page. Custom fan pages allow you to really capture the user’s attention, and the unique look increases your perceived value. People expect businesses to look good, but this can be difficult if you don’t know much about Web design.

One of our professional social media marketing services is creating a custom design for your fan page. Users are more likely to take your business seriously, and you should get more traffic for your website.

Web Integration

Social media Web integration is when you add buttons and features from a social network to your website. For example, adding a Facebook button near your banner and asking people to like you is one aspect of social media integration. Social networks make Web integration fairly easy, but it still takes a lot of time. You need to add the buttons near every product, on every page and you need to add the other features into your website’s coding. It can be very tedious if you aren’t an expert at managing a website.

At the same time, Web integration is definitely worth it. Users are more likely to buy from your website, and they will feel more comfortable with your business because they can easily contact you if they need to. Several studies have shown that users are about 50 percent more likely to buy from a website if social media buttons are present.

Our Web integration service lets you enjoy all of the benefits without doing the work. We will put the buttons and features up for you, and you can reap the rewards of our work.

Business Increase

People expect businesses to have a social media presence. Most businesses are on Twitter and Facebook, but a large number of them don’t regularly make posts. This can be very damaging to your online reputation, and it’s actually worse than not having a social presence.

Our social media marketing service will keep your social media pages updated so that potential customers see that your business is alive and thriving. If you don’t have the time or patience to make your own posts, then let us do the work for you.