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"Does Social Media Marketing Frustrate You?"

Have You Already Tried To Do Your Social Media Marketing With
Little or Nothing To Show For Your Efforts . . . Or Even Found You Just Don't Have The Time To Do It Properly On A Consistent Basis?

It's no secret that the power of Social Media Marketing is growing every
day, meaning any business that doesn't have an Active Social Media Strategy is suffering in the market place compared to competitors who have active, ongoing Social Media Campaigns.

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We all know running a business is more than just about collecting the money. As a business owner we are faced with many tasks every day from marketing to sales, delivery, staff issues, finances etc.

We now also have to deal with the relatively new and very successful marketing opportunity called Social Media Marketing using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and that's just to name a few.

As these platforms have evolved, we have discovered they are the best way to target our ideal customers which has enabled the savvy business owners to gain an upper hand on their competitors.

This is an exceptional way to increase sales and more importantly, profits through the power of social media.  There are however, 2 main stumbling blocks many business owners face today when it comes to successful Social Media Marketing:

Either or both of these points results in failure of the process and inevitably going back to the old ways while competitors who are successful at this take a larger portion of the market share.

Where Does This Leave Me?

From our years of experience in the business development profession, you have 2 choices . . . either try and battle on with the same results or engage someone to do your Social Media Marketing for you.

Now here's the catch, there are millions of people who use social media every day and consider themselves experts at it which is ok.

However, in business, we don't want likes for our new fluffy kitten, We Need increased sales to grow our profits and that can only be achieved when your Social Media Marketing is managed and maintained by experts with over 35 years’ experience in growing businesses through a proper understanding of and use of the latest marketing methods such as Social Media.

In fact, you can do your business more harm than good with improper methods of Social Media Marketing.

This is why we provide "Done For You" Social Media Marketing.

So What Are My Options?

In the world of Social Media Marketing, THERE IS NOT a 1 size fits all.

To achieve effective results, we need to understand your business and your customers/clients before we can even think of starting your marketing. We also have to take into consideration whether you wish to promote specific events such as sales, promotions etc. in your business.

Then and only then can we design and develop your unique strategy to suit your needs. Once this have been completed and ratified with you, we then proceed into the actual development and deployment of your Social Media Marketing program at the level you choose.

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Facebook Advertising

Others may market for the Facebook of yesterday. We’re planning for the Facebook of tomorrow. As the leader in the social media economy (accounting for 60% of social referral traffic), Facebook is the widest net to use in capturing members of your target market. But their systems (and algorithms) change over time, so achieving the best ROI can be difficult without inside knowledge.
When working on a Facebook management strategy, we make sure we’re taking full advantage of the flexible targeting and wide range of ad formats the platform offers. Our social media managers have access to custom audiences (e.g. via your CRM or eDM list), lookalike audiences (people similar to your existing customers), and core audiences (defined by certain demographics, interests, and user behaviours). This gives us a buffet of targeting options to use when mapping out your Facebook advertising strategy. Our tactics are often as advanced as targeting people who have browsed a specific catalogue or abandoned their shopping cart mid-purchase, or showing ads to people who have a history of responding positively to that particular ad format.
Facebook advertising formats range from simple images and videos to carousel ads (multiple images that tell a story) and media-rich canvas ads (which function almost like landing pages that open natively in your Facebook feed). We can even send ads through Facebook Messenger or use lead gen ads to get potential customer information in the click of a button (thanks to form auto-fill). Facebook also offers different ways to buy ad impressions: auction, and reach and frequency (R&F). Each one has its purpose and benefits, and we always select the most appropriate method to match your objectives.

instagram Advertising

With our team of strategists on hand, we have the knowledge and skills needed to execute an Instagram management strategy that ensures your message returns genuine leads and measurable ROI.
Instagram’s ad formats and targeting options are virtually identical to those on Facebook. However, it’s essential to understand that a user’s mindset is quite different when browsing this platform. People here are looking for visual enticement and emotional stimulation, and this is something we keep in mind when creating an Instagram advertising campaign for your business.

LinkedIn advertising

If the best means of awareness and presentation occur with LinkedIn as a part of our social marketing strategy, we will deliver the right messaging to return the highest possible engagement from your investment.
This channel stands out from the others due to its focus on building professional connections. People aren’t typically logging in to have fun or fill in time – they’re here for career advice, serious information, job hunting, learning opportunities, and network building. For B2B businesses in particular, this means one vital thing:  LinkedIn users are open to receiving business information.
While there are only 3 ad formats available on LinkedIn (texts ads with a small image, sponsored content, and sponsored InMail), you’re still able to specify a unique range of audience characteristics. When marketing on LinkedIn, you can target (and retarget) your ads to people based on their company size, industry, seniority level, fields of study, and standard demographics.

Snapchat Advertising

With over 185 million daily users worldwide, Snapchat has become a vital piece of the public sphere. We can develop the right strategy and content to connect your brand to your target audience and generate real leads.
While it’s no secret that SnapChat is largely centred on entertainment, what many people don’t realise is that 75% of daily Australian users are 18+ years old. This means that all millennials and Gen Y’ers are fair game for advertising on this platform (not just teens and tweens).
SnapChat also has a few other factors working for it: retargeting available, no minimum spend required, targeting capabilities almost on par with Facebook (e.g. ‘lifestyle segments’ function similarly to interests), a range of full-screen ad formats, and very engaged users.

Why you'll love our social media management

Tailored, customisable social media strategies

Your approach to social media marketing should be as unique as your business is. And the way you handle Facebook advertising shouldn’t be copied and pasted across Instagram, LinkedIn or SnapChat. For optimised results, we’ll tailor a strategy for each platform that we’ve identified as being beneficial for your business.

Dedicated account manager

Your friendly account manager is always within easy reach if you need an update, have a question, or just want to chat about your social media advertising.

Experts in all social media channels

We don’t specialise in just one social media channel – we specialise in almost all of them. This means we can develop a comprehensive strategy that includes and fully leverages each platform.

Performance-driven optimisation

Every time we make an adjustment to your social media strategy, it’ll be based on numbers. Whether we’ve noticed some ad copy underperforming or identified a high-converting piece of creative that deserves more budget, we’re always looking for ways to optimise the performance of your social campaigns.


Our channel recommendations are based on your needs and goals, not determined by a set template. This means we choose the platform(s) best suited to your business and your specific campaign – every time.

VIP support

We’re a unique social media agency because we receive priority care from our vendors (particularly Facebook). If something seems off or you have questions about a platform, we can get a detailed solution or answer quickly.

First access to betas

Through our industry connections, we regularly get clients whitelisted for early access to betas. Past examples include the retargeting pixels beta with SnapChat and the store visits beta with Facebook. These opportunities allow you to be first to market with valuable insights unavailable to your competitors.

Comprehensive, actionable reporting

Our reports give you the information you actually need around how your social advertising campaigns are performing. They also provide actionable insights for ongoing optimisation so your results can keep getting better. By working with our Data & Analytics team, we can even build a tailored dashboard for you to report on social campaigns (as well as your other digital marketing channels).


Want to learn more about social media marketing?

Do you offer social media management services?

Yes we do, assuming you define social media management the same way we do.

What we can do for you:

  • Create and manage the distribution of paid social media ads
  • Develop a customised paid social media strategy and roadmap
  • Set up and optimise your social media
  • Create, share and amplify organic posts on your social media
  • Develop an organic social media strategy and roadmap.

What we can’t do for you:

  • Community management (i.e. we can’t monitor your pages for messages/comments or respond to people on behalf of your brand).

If you’re unsure about whether we can cover what you’d like us to, all it takes is a quick phone call to clarify this with us.

Which channel is right for me?

This depends on where your audience is, what you’re offering them, and what result you want to drive. If you’re not sure where you should be showing ads, we can help you work it out.

What are my ad placement options?

As many as are on offer by the platform. On Facebook, for example, we have the means to present your brand through:

  • Mobile and desktop feeds
  • Instant articles
  • In-stream videos
  • Right column
  • Suggested videos
  • Marketplace
What formats can my ads take?

Your ads can be static images, text, or any kind of rich media (such as interactive posts or video content). The in-house design and content teams at Howbiz Solutions Digital Marketing Agency are producing world-class creative materials for the social media landscape, and are on hand to help produce the right content to suit your ad placement.

How much will it cost?

Social media accounts are paid on a cost-per-click (CPC) model, or a cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) model. There’s no bottom line to how much you need to spend, but we may suggest a starting budget to deliver the strongest return on investment.

How can I measure success?

That’s up to you. You can measure success based on what key business objectives you’ve set with us. Whether you’re looking for sales, engagements, enquiries or something else entirely, once we know what you want to achieve, we can help measure related metrics and gauge success.

What should I invest?

Your investment will rely heavily on your budget, the size of your target market, and what you’re offering. Our experts can work with almost anything, but they are also happy to help you work out budget splits across paid channels if you aren’t 100% sure how your money is best spent.

What's involved in ongoing management?

Ongoing management can include elements such as:

  • Campaign tracking
  • Budget tracking
  • Campaign optimization
  • Performance analysis and reporting
  • Audience segmentation testing
  • Ad split testing
  • Search query analysis
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Insights and advice.

In essence, we will stay as engaged as possible with your campaign, and take every measure to guarantee it meets your measures of success.

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