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Looking for the right Agency

Looking for the right Agency

This blog post is related to our first blog post published in January, ‘How to choose the best Web Design Agency.’ In this article, I will talk you through three easy methods an any small business can use when searching for the ideal Web Design company to work with.

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Link Building vs. Content Marketing

Link Building vs. Content Marketing?

Link Building vs. Content Marketing? Choose the Right One for Your Business

When it comes to developing a strategy for your online business or website, sooner or later you will be facing these two ways.

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22 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

22 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

“More customers” is the top ranked item on the wish list of every business owner and marketer. A wish for “more web site traffic” comes in a close second. This makes sense when you consider that increased web visits Read more

Why Are Sites with Poor Content Outranking Yours

Why Are Sites with Poor Content Outranking Yours?

Ever wondered why you never come at the top in popular search engines? You have what it takes, a unique and captivating content, and above all a well-designed webpage: but you never appear at the top most part in Read more

Questions You Must Answer Before you Post New Blog Content

Have you ever tried to find out your major blog traffic source? You could be shocked to find out that it is neither the visitors that come to your blog through direct clicks, nor the social media which many Read more


Convert Blog Readers Into Customers

Eight ways to help convert blog readers into customers

You want to make money from your blog without alienating your readers. There are eight key rules for producing content that will encourage your readers to buy without making them Read more

How to Make Mobile E-commerce Simpler for Consumers

How to Make Mobile E-commerce Simpler for Consumers

For consumers, browsing through online stores on smartphones can be quite a tedious process. It often results in frustration due to long load times, complicated web forms, hard-to-navigate websites, poor organization, and other factors that contribute to why your Read more

The importance of shoppable content among mobile shoppers

The importance of shoppable content among mobile shoppers


Mobile eCommerce is growing at an outstanding rate – three times the rate of overall eCommerce. However, the purchase conversions from smartphone add-to-cart remain much lower than PC-based online shopping. The question is: what is hindering mobile browsers Read more


Google AdWords v SEO? Why choose both?

Search engine optimization and Google AdWords are the two main components of SEM or search engine marketing. If you want to run a successful digital marketing campaign, you need to make the most of both. While they are different Read more

Expand your business at low investment

We are living in a very competitive world. Sectors such as information technology, banking, and telecommunications, among others, are competing to establish a strong brand image in the market. A few businesses, such as the mass media, can fully Read more

Don’t worry about Competitors

Don’t worry about Competitors

Is something going in the wrong direction? You need not worry about a competitor. We are pleased to have a shared board with you. The website represents the big picture of your organization along with the quality of content. Read more

Advertising Networks

Advertising Networks You Might Not Have Considered

10 Advertising Networks You Might Not Have Considered

One of the keys to building a profitable online enterprise is the ability to scale your business. You can reach a comfortable level using a small number of traffic sources, but Read more

ECommerce Customer Engagement

How to measure eCommerce customer engagement

We have heard of eCommerce customer engagement here and there, how important it is to eCommerce success and how to enhance it by various marketing campaigns. But what exactly is customer engagement, and how can eCommerce businesses measure it? Read more

Customer Retention rate 2022

This formula will calculate your customer retention rate

Customer retention rate, in brief, indicates how loyal your customers are. It is one of the critical metrics for analyzing your customers’ shopping behaviours. Unlike other eCommerce metrics like average order value (AOV) and conversion rate, there is no Read more

E Commerce Web Design Hamilton Ontario

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own eCommerce Business?

The e-commerce business has been growing for years, and its effects can be seen in retail sectors, technology, logistics and lifestyle as a whole. E-commerce is a great business to get into, considering that the tools you need are Read more

SEO VS PPC In Toronto

Why spend time and money on SEO versus PPC Marketing ?

Throughout the internet there rages a debate that has gone on for many years and will likely continue on as long as the internet exists: which is better, SEO or PPC? It is not a simple question to answer Read more