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Website Redesign

It doesn’t matter how much useful content is on your website if it’s ugly or difficult to navigate. Although it’s often said that “you cannot judge a book by it’s cover”, users will inadvertently do this. If a user is turned off by the appearance of your site or cannot navigate it easily, they will look elsewhere. Content means nothing if it is not presented in an appealing manner. An unattractive site in need of a website re design can even bring the reputability of your site’s content into question. xourx web design can help solve this problem and make sure that everyone in Toronto , Ontario and abroad will want to peruse your web site.

Content management systems

Are you looking for a good way to present a large volume of data? Rather than making dozens, possibly hundreds or even thousands of individual HTML or PHP files, why not use a content management system? There are numerous extremely powerful software packages available that make it easy for even a novice to design a large and comprehensive website. Some of the most robust and popular packages include WordPress, Magento, Presta Shop, TextPattern and Moveable Type. These packages generally require only an up to date version of PHP software and an SQL database to be present on the server. can do it all for you, so that all you need to worry about is wrighting your content. We take care of all the technical aspects and let you get down to business plugging content into your shiny new CMS installation.

Search Engine Optimization

What good is your site if it isn’t seen by the public in Canada? After you’re done developing and implementing the content for your website, you need to get some SEO work done. Xourx is up on all of the latest search engine optimization techniques. Using our unique and innovative approaches, we can get your site to the first page of search results on such popular search engines as Google, Bing and Yahoo. We use only “white hat” optimization techniques to ensure that your site is promoted in a fair and honest manner.

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Xourx is ready to meet all of your web site needs. Whether you need a website re design, search engine optimization (also known as SEO) or installation of a customized content management system (CMS), Xourx is ready to deliver. We are Canada’s premier web design and marketing company, and our reputation precedes us. So what are you waiting for? Put us to work establishing and improving your business or organization’s web presence today.

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